AscendEX to announce the listing of the NIOX Token (NIOX)


On May 5, AscendEX, previously BitMax, a prominent digital asset trading network founded by Wall Street quant trading experts, will list the NIOX Token (NIOX) under the pair USDT/NIOX.

The NIOX Foundation and the Autonio trading platform unveil the NIOX suite to fix current trading platforms’ technological sophistication, confidentiality, and uniqueness. The Suite’s mission is to give consumers a straightforward way to interact with digital asset markets. The NIOX Suite is a collection of financial instruments for the digital currency ecosystem that is easy to use, decentralized, and detailed. Investors can use the website to perform analyses, introduce trading algorithms, and swap virtual currencies more efficiently.

Autonio, NIOX’s main app, is an artificial intelligence trading network that makes sophisticated trading algorithms more accessible to all. Besides, the NIOX foundation is releasing NIOnet and NIOdex, a sentiment analysis tool and decentralized trading network that will provide due diligence, safety, and liquidity to investors.

BitMax khởi chạy lại dưới dạng AscendEx – Thị trường Crypto

The NIOX token is being used to obtain access to Autonio’s products and infrastructure and the project’s administration by marking and being a DAO participant. The NIOX token is an important part of the trading ecosystem’s shared economy. People can purchase NIOX tokens, build or buy algorithms, perform technical research, and start live trading.

The AscendEX trading network will have NIOX’s Liquidity Mining solution NIOX Swarm and its Market Making module NIOX Maker. NiOX Swarm uses a marketplace-driven strategy to buying and selling, with the aim of promoting reliable crowdsourced liquidity and reducing the uncertainties associated with AMMs.

The NIOX Maker is a market-making module that uses innovative algorithms, complicated equations, and thousands of data points obtained from the user’s exchanges to make trades quicker and more precise. It offers us with an easy-to-use platform for deploying market-making bots.


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