OpenExO, an international transformation company, will release a native token on Uniswap


The ExO Economy initiative, co-created by Silicon Valley expert, serial entrepreneur Salim Ismail, has revealed its plan to list the system’s native EXOS token on Uniswap in a recent announcement.  

ExO Economy is a decentralized ecosystem built by the OpenExO international transformation platform, which is home to over 7,800 trainers, investors, and innovators. In early Q3 of 2021, the project team plans to launch its native EXOS coin on Uniswap. According to a statement made by the initiative, the step is intended to give platform customers more exposure to liquidity and trade, as well as assist commercialize the network.

“Uniswap is the leading liquidity provider on the decentralized finance market. Presence on such a platform is critical for project traction and we are confident that the listing of the EXOS token will have a positive effect on its application and adoption. We are also confident that it will help attract a broader range of specialists  to the project and help place their own personal development on the fast track through the use of our unique service,” as announced by Kent Langley, Co-Founder, and Chief Science Officer of the OpenExO ecosystem.

ExO Economy’s major features that distinguish it as a value-added service include certification process facilitation, financial operations and marketing support, and also aid in business development and prospects for the development team and onboarded experts to share their practical knowledge.

OpenExO: A Guaranteed Way For Businesses

The ExO Economy not only provides business acceleration services, but also provides practical tools for its customers. The EXOS Core wallet, which can be incorporated into interfaces, is one of the most recent additions to its range of services. The wallet has the ability to connect the EXOS and Ethereum blockchain networks. It also has the ability to generate the wEXOS token, which is a wrapped version of the EXOS token for usage on the Ethereum network in ERC-20 format.

For increased user ease, the wEXOS may be utilized for liquidity mining, staking, and bridging the two blockchains. Both the wEXOS and EXOS tokens will be useable on the OpenEXO Platform, allowing Ethereum holders to access the internal Marketplace.

According to earlier remarks made by the ExO Economy project team, integrations of a variety of additional modules and functionalities are in the works, with the primary objective of providing additional kinds of liquidity for the entire ecosystem.


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