Thousands of illicit Bitcoin miners are crushed in Malaysia


Officials in Malaysia destroyed Bitcoin mining equipment worth upwards of $1.2 million after seizing them for acting unlawfully.

Police in the city of Miri on the island of Borneo and the Sarawak Energy firmed organized for a steamroller to run over 1,069 Bitcoin (BTC) miners, according to a video uploaded today by local news source DayakDaily. Between February and April, the machines were allegedly taken from Malaysian citizens who were trying to unlawfully mine the digital currency using stolen energy.

As per a Friday article in Malaysian publication The Star, the mining rigs, valued at $1.26 million, were disposed of today at the Miri district police station. According to police, three houses in the region were demolished this year as a result of illicit Bitcoin mining, and the Sarawak Energy company lost approximately $2 million as a result of the activities.

It’s unknown why Malaysian officials decided to destroy the miners instead of try take advantage of some of the components. Authorities in Iran, Turkey, and other nations where cryptocurrency mining is prohibited or limited have been raiding illicit cryptocurrency mining operations for some time, with prosecutions, penalties, and the confiscation of the machines.

Nevertheless, there are few instances of the devices being crushed or destroyed in this way. In February, Chinese officials allegedly auctioned off over 2,000 rigs confiscated for similar purposes.

Malaysia accounted for 3.44 percent of Bitcoin’s total monthly hashrate in April, according to the Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance. The nation consumes upwards of 147 terawatt-hours of energy each year.


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