AMD claims that mining graphics cards are not prioritized above gaming graphics cards


AMD claimed in the previous week that its graphics card division is not prioritizing selling Graphics cards to digital currency miners above consumers who want to play games with them. The statement comes in the wake of the ongoing scarcity of new GPUs and previous appearances of AMD mining cards.

At Deutsche Bank’s 2021 Technology Conference, the firm spoke with AMD’s CFO on various issues related to the firm’s sales growth. Ross Seymore of Deutsche Bank questioned AMD what was driving their graphics growth, whether client-side, data centers or cryptocurrency mining.

“Crypto, negligible. That’s not a priority for us,” stated AMD CFO Devinder Kumar. “We do not prioritize our product or make them for the crypto folks is not for the gamers and that’s a high priority from that standpoint.[sic]”

AMD sẽ không hạn chế người khai thác tiền điện tử sử dụng thẻ đồ họa của  mình | BaoBitcoin

Last year’s debut of AMD’s next generation of graphics cards, the Radeon 6000 series, was cited by Kumar as a key driver for its sales growth.

Some buyers may be wary after images from Vietnam surfaced in the previous month depicting what seemed to be a mining device utilizing AMD’s Navi 12 GPU. GPUs are still hard to come by and sell for far above MSRP as of last month. Those purchasing the cards to mine digital currencies such as Ethereum are only one aspect, coupled with silicon shortages and logistical issues caused by the worldwide pandemic.

The 6000 series, on the other hand, appears to be somewhat scarce in gaming right now, with none of its GPUs appearing in Steam’s most recent DirectX hardware survey. Nvidia’s newest rival graphics cards, the RTX 3000 series, are also difficult to get, but they’re climbing the Steam charts.


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