As the federal election approaches, a Canadian politician declares his support for Bitcoin


The People’s Party of Canada’s head, Maxime Bernier, has stated that he favors implementing digital currencies in Canada.

Bernier stated that digital currencies are “another fresh and inventive approach” to oppose central bank policies, which he claims are “killing our money and economy,” in a tweet on Tuesday. The Canadian lawmaker slammed the Bank of Canada for “money creation” and chastised Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s economic policy.

Bernier, an ex-cabinet minister, dubbed “Mad Max,” has been vocal in his opposition to vaccination requirements in Canada at a time when the nation’s COVID-19 cases are increasing. He has also spoken out against implementing a vaccination passport system and has called for the elimination of lockdowns and mask regulations.

The politician’s comments come ahead of a federal election in Canada slated for next Monday, with the People’s Party presently having no positions in the legislature. However, although several right-wing politicians worldwide have taken pro-crypto views as part of their campaigns or agendas once elected, the significance of Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency appears to be a bipartisan issue.

Thợ đào Bitcoin Trung Quốc “Tây tiến” sang…Canada - Coin68

Canada has frequently led the way for various crypto-related activities. While U.S. watchdogs have yet to decide on the investment vehicle, Ethereum co-creator Vitalik Buterin is Russian-Canadian. Investment firms have been able to create cryptocurrency exchange-traded funds effectively.

Many Canadian legislators, notably Prime Minister Trudeau, have been mostly mute on the potential role of digital currencies in the nation’s economy. Meanwhile, Kyle Kemper, Trudeau’s half-brother, is an enthusiastic Dogecoin (DOGE) supporter who the Canadian government once hired to talk at a blockchain event.


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