SEC’s Gensler talks about Cryptocurrencies and Securities Laws


Gary Gensler is back, and guess what? He’s better than ever. Cryptocurrency users may need to prepare themselves even more for what he has planned for them in 2022.

The SEC chairman promised to deal with the crypto “wild west” in an interview with CNBC earlier this week, pledging to ratchet up-regulating efforts in 2021 via the implementation of legislation and oversight institutions.

Gensler, who has often campaigned to regulate digital assets, has reiterated his position, arguing that certain cryptocurrencies deserve to be categorized as securities by their very nature.

If you are raising money from the public and the public is an anticipation of profit based upon that promoter, sponsor, that group’s efforts that’s within the security laws,” he added. Cryptocurrencies, he claims, are covered by security rules.

While digital assets are a relatively new financial sector, the SEC chair argues that traditional investor protection regulations still apply. That stated, crypto token issuers must be prepared to publish public transparency and protection rules, which must all be approved by the regulator.

And, true to Gensler’s fears, the crypto business has been depicted negatively for supporting criminal activities from its start.

Digital currency investors lost over $4 billion to rug pulls in 2021, according to New York-based Chainalysis, with crypto-related crimes increasing by 79 percent to $14 billion in damages.

According to the business, rug pulls accounted for 82 percent of all crimes plaguing the fledgling sector. A rug pull is a technique in which fraudsters abscond with money from investors after convincing them to invest in their token. The remaining percentage includes cyber-attacks, money laundering, and internet fraud.

With bitcoin adoption rates soaring over the past two years, authorities all around the globe are increasingly looking into the legal voids produced by digital assets. Lawmakers worldwide are already thinking about it, with some introducing comprehensive digital currency measures in an attempt to govern the industry.

Cryptocurrency exchange CEO like Binance’s CZ and Cardano’s Hoskinson, and figures like the SEC’s Hester Pierce, have indicated their backing for regulation, offering to work closely with authorities to safeguard participants in the industry. Nevertheless, they are urging legislators to adopt legislation that would neither stifle innovation nor damage the fledgling sector.


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