CryptoCom Supports MIT to Improve Bitcoin Security and Usability


As part of a four-year contribution to MIT, CryptoCom announced intentions to sponsor the MIT Digital Currency Initiative for independent academic study on cryptocurrency and blockchain.

The contribution from the exchange intends to promote Bitcoin security research and the open-source development of network protocols by MIT’s Media Lab’s Digital Currency Initiative (DCI).

The gift is also intended to assist DCI in continuing its research work about the stability of fee-based incentives and software to provide “high robustness and accuracy guarantees,” according to the official news release shared with CryptoPotato.

“MIT’s Digital Currency Initiative is playing a critical role in building a sustainable blockchain ecosystem, in particular by fortifying Bitcoin’s underlying protocol. We are excited to further support blockchain research across the globe with such an esteemed institution and help accelerate the world’s safe transition to using cryptocurrencies.”

According to the team’s research, Dr. Henry Hon, Head of Study at CryptoCom, said that high-security requirements are one of the top criteria for purchasing cryptocurrency products from Brazil to Australia. He also said that DCI’s data focuses on the security of one of the world’s most commonly used currencies, a goal that the exchange is committed to.

Tính bảo mật của Bitcoin vẫn là mối quan tâm đối với các tổ chức đầu tư -

Educating the Cryptocurrency Community Around the World

Apart from MIT, CryptoCom has been sponsoring similar blockchain-related activities with big firms and institutions all around the globe.

The Secure Blockchain Initiative at Carnegie Mellon University is one such example. CryptoCom also joined the Blockchain Association of Singapore earlier this month. The platform joins a long list of notable entities, including Visa, PWC, Ledger, Algorand, and Tezos, who are all working to promote responsible blockchain and Web 3 efforts.

CryptoCom has also made a name for itself in the sports industry. It has expanded its offering by adding the World Cup. The trading platform, as previously reported, has signed a sponsorship agreement with FIFA for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM.


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