Getty Images Invests in NFTs

Seattle, United States - January 23, 2014: This image shows the exterior of the Getty Images building in Seattle, Washington where Seattle Seahawks fans have put up signs in the window spelling out Go Hawks! The Seahawks football team are playing in the Superbowl and fans in Seattle and the Northwest are very excited.

Candy Digital, a creator of the NFT ecosystem, has formed a multi-year relationship with Getty Photos, a prominent provider of journalistic images, video, and music. The partnership is expected to produce some NFT solutions based on Getty Photos’ large collection of roughly 500 million images.

Furthermore, according to BusinessWire, Getty Images’ analog archive pictures, which the general public has never viewed, will be shown, along with some modern images created by Candy Digital in various digital formats.

Both parties are planning to distribute digital versions of rare analog works and contemporary photographs that include culture, art, and global events. Therefore financial details have not been announced. Through the Getty Images marketplace on Candy, NFT collectors will be able to buy, sell, and exchange digital artifacts using credit cards or cryptocurrency payments.

With the very best content at our core, innovation is woven into the fabric of Getty Images and this partnership speaks to our mission to connect people with our high quality, exclusive visual content,” stated Craig Peters, CEO of Getty Images.

Thị trường NFTs: Ngày mới của tương lai?

Although NFT photography is still relatively new, many people feel the potential is exciting and developing fast since NFTs are known to improve a creator’s earnings.

Digital artists, according to a blog post by world-renowned fine nature photographer Aaron Reed, have battled to protect the sovereignty of their work since photos can be simply downloaded and copied from one file to another.

Society is becoming increasingly digitalized as the bitcoin and blockchain industries grow. And the artists’ community felt that moving into the NFT facility would offer them with more security, recognition for their work, and even financial gain.


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