Seth Green paid a $260,000 ransom for a stolen Bored Ape Ethereum NFT


As per BuzzFeed News, actor Seth Green restored a stolen Bored Ape Ethereum NFT and seemed to have paid $260,000 for the opportunity.

In a phishing assault three weeks ago, the star of cartoon sitcoms like “Family Guy” and “Robot Chicken” lost four Bored Ape NFTs valued at over $300,000, according to “Mr Cheese.”

Green allegedly paid $200,000 for Bored Ape NFT #8398, which was supposed to appear in a new TV series named “White Horse Tavern.”

Green was placed in a legal limbo once the NFT was stolen, and it was uncertain if he would retain licensing rights to the character.

Yuba Labs owns the rights to the Bored Ape NFT Yacht Club collection, which sparked a feverish purchasing frenzy among celebrities in January.

The agreement did not apply to stolen NFTs, even though purchasers of the NFTs had the right to license and distribute them.

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Green was sure that although the ape had been stolen, he still had the right to distribute it.

Despite this, transaction data shows that Green paid 165 Ether for the NFT to be refunded.

The ape is home, he stated in a Twitter Space for his NFT firm PizzaBot on Thursday.

After the phishing effort, Mr Cheese, also known as DarkWing84 by BuzzFeed, informed the news outlet that he had acquired the NFT in good faith and had no plans to return it but would be happy to communicate with Green personally.

Green said he would take his opponent to court over the alleged theft.

Green is far from the first to fall victim to a cryptocurrency phishing scam. Since the beginning of last year, cryptocurrency scammers have defrauded thousands of individuals out of $1 billion, according to research by the Federal Trade Commission.

Yuba Labs was robbed of $360,000 worth of Bored Ape NFTs earlier this week, the third time the account has been hacked since April.


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