A Namibian University plans to start offering a master’s degree in blockchain technology in 2024


According to Samuel Nuungulu, the director of the university’s IT department, a higher education facility in Namibia called the University of Namibia (UNAM) plans to start teaching a course in blockchain technology in 2024.

The chairperson of UNAM’s steering committee on the MSc on blockchain technology, Nuungulu, stated that UNAM intends to set the groundwork for potential incubation of tech-startup out of the talents this program would develop in the nation” by launching the degree program.

Nuungulu stated, “Blockchain is the future and we thought it was necessary to use this degree as a forerunner in developing these much-needed skills in the country and continent at large.”

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The university is already incorporating a blockchain technology-based curriculum into level 8 programs at UNAM, according to the chairwoman, and wants to use these programs in the Senate by the end of the next year.

Gurvy Kavei, an author who just released a book that aims to assist readers in understanding the fundamentals of blockchain technology and digital currencies, is also a steering committee for UNAM’s MSc in the blockchain. Kavei similarly revealed that the institution would introduce the blockchain course in a recent interview with Bitcoin.com News.

The launch of the degree program, according to him, was necessary in light of rumors that the central bank is considering creating a digital currency and plans to deploy blockchain-based solutions in both the public and private sectors.


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